We are <track not found> and we have embarked on a musical journey to find the tracks that has lead us to write songs that can only be described as <track not found> originals. We pull on influences from classic jazz to grime, smooth-ass funk to metal from our emo days and this has resulted in riff-lead grungy songs with the occasional rap and/or kazoo.

We’ve been playing live since the summer of 2016 and have now racked up somewhere around 50 live gigs since then including a 9 date tour of the UK. We’ve developed a strong, somewhat explosive stage presence with a uniquely bold look.

We have released an EP called ‘The Only Way is Lost’ and a single of our track Science (gone wrong) and will be hoping to release more tracks in the future with the help of Funnel Music who we recently signed with.

‘Noted for their fantastic stage presence and original songs full of attitude, this all girl three piece have developed a solid following of all ages with a distinctive, alternative blend of riff driven punky, shouty bliss that belies their age.’ – The Recks

‘Track not found gave one of the best first impressions I’ve seen, with a strong mix of originals and covers given a rock twist’ – Tom Girard

‘This young band is one of the most exciting new bands on the Guernsey music scene’ – Andrew Le Poidevin